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What is Google Rankbrain?

RankBrain is an artificial intelligence (AI) system, the logic behind which was revealed by Google back in 2016. Essentially, it helps Google to better process search requests and deliver more relevant search results to users. In short, RankBrain helps Google to take on more information and better deliver quality search results to its users. SEO experts have been tinkering away trying to understand how Google might be using RankBrain in their effort to dominate the SERPs.

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Although Google announced RankBrain in 2016 it is still relevant today when optimizing your website for organic search.

How Does RankBrain Influence SEO?

SEO is an incredibly competitive industry. Google's reputation as a search engine heavyweight, dating back to PageRank, makes any new website want to be top of the line. As such, Google has developed an immense number of tools and technologies that not only make their job easier, but also allow them to make more money. Among these technologies is RankBrain, an artificial intelligence system that provides Google with new ranking suggestions.

The idea behind rankbrain is really quite simple. Basically, an AI system built into Google's web crawler helps Google suggest certain keywords to a user. This suggestion is then used to give search results more relevance. What makes rankbrain so unique is the way Google uses the suggested keyword and the ability to rank highly for those keywords without actually spending a lot of money on advertisements. By utilizing the information about the user as well as the demographics provided by Google, a website owner can gain a foothold in the niche market.

How Does RankBrain Help the Searcher

One of the most interesting things about rankbrain is the way Google uses real words that a person might say when searching for a particular item. For instance, if a person was searching for "wigs," they might search for phrases like "cashmere wigs" or "African American wig." These are just some of the keyword combinations that Google suggests for keyword searches.

The relevance of each word to a user is what helps the system rank that website higher. With this in mind, you can imagine how the rankbrain works to provide relevant and high quality suggestions to users looking for a specific item.

With rankbrain, it is now possible to utilize a large number of content optimization tools to make sure that you maximize the amount of traffic and conversions to your site. With the help of the optimizing tools, you can optimize your website for a variety of different search terms including image searches, image searches, local searches, business searches, travel searches, and many more.

Because the optimization tools are able to identify highly relevant searches and make suggestions to increase traffic, you can see a significant increase in your traffic as well as conversions. As you can see, rankbrain is a very valuable addition to all websites that are looking to optimize. In fact, it is so valuable that even the major search engines have incorporated rankbrain into their systems.

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Even though RankBrain has been around since 2016 there is still a lot that is unknown about the influence it has on SERPs or how its evolution has continued to impact SEO efforts.

What Should an SEO Do About RankBrain?

In order to take full advantage of the importance ranking factor is on the SERPs, you must incorporate the use of the Google webmaster tools. Because these tools are available for free, it is important that you take full advantage of what they have to offer. These tools will assist you in the process of optimizing your site and achieving high quality rankings. While rankbrain is an important ranking factor for all webmasters, using the Google webmaster tools is just one of the many tools that you should utilize.