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Keep your URL between 60 and 75 characters

Desktop tiles can be 600px and mobile can be 654px.

Descriptions should be under 970 pixels for desktop and under 981 pixels for mobile. This description is exactly 970 px on desktop and 939 on mobile.
Mobile | Desktop
0-49 50-79 80-100
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Make sure your title is at least 50 characters.
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Use a CTA at least once in your title or description.
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Use at least one Power Word in your title.
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The use of numbers in your title can increase your CTR.
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Your meta description should be between 120 and 165 characters.
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Use at least one Power Word in your meta description.
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Make sure your meta description is between 2 and 4 sentences long.
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Click Through Optimization Tool

Improve the Click Through Ratio (CTR) from your Google search results.

You can increase the number of visitors to your site without changing your search rank position by simply improving your Click Through Rate or Click Through Ratio - (CTR).

What is CTR?

Simply put, the Click Through Ratio is the percentage of viewers who click on your link, relative to the number of viewers who see it. By improving your CTR, a higher percentage of viewers who are shown your link will click on it, increasing the number of visitors to your site without any change to your search ranking.

Where should I begin? Which pages should I optimize first?

The best place to start is with your most important pages. Your home page and any other page that already receive organic traffic from search engines.

Step 1: Optimize for CTR.

Don't just add SEO Title Tags and Meta Descriptions to your site without testing them! Use the tool on this page to:

  1. Optimize for a better CTR score.
  2. Test how different keywords affect your CTR score.
Step 2: Continue to improve with ongoing tests.
  1. Use Google Ads A/B testing on your SEO Title Tags and Meta Descriptions.
  2. Use Google's Search Console to evaluate CTR performance.
  3. Repeat the process for continuous improvement and more traffic to your site.
How to use this guide for CTR optimization:

A high CTR is acheived with the combination of several factors. Our tools will evaluate your Url, SEO Title Tags and Meta Descriptons and present you with a performance score based on several key metrics. The length of your text and the words you choose play key roles in your CTR performance. Follow the steps below and you will be well on your way to an optimal CTR.

1. How long should my Title Tag be, and what should it contain?

Your SEO Title Tag should contain your most important Key Words.

The theme and overall message of your page should be distilled down to your most important key words, and these keywords must be included in your Title Tag. It's no longer important that they be the first words in the Title Tag, but they must be included.

It is recommended that your Title Tag be about 70 characters, but it must fit within 600 pixels on desktop, and 654 pixels on mobile. Our tool will show you both the character count and the dimension in pixels so you don't go over.

2. Try to use at least one Call To Action (CTA) word in your Title Tag and/or Meta Description.

People searching for information have a goal in mind, whether they're conscious of it or not. They might want to "Buy now", or "Learn more", or "Download". When they see an action word in your Title Tag that matches their goal, they're more likely to click.

You can use CTA words in both your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. You might also want to place your CTA word close to the beginning or the end, which has proven to increase its effectiveness.

Click here for examples of Call To Action (CTA) words.

3. Aim to use at least one Power Word in your Title Tag and Meta Description.

Bland language doesn't grab people's attention. As words that invoke feelings or emotion - "Power Words" do just that. Try to use at least one emotion-invoking word in your Title Tag, and another in your Meta Description.

Someting to note, Power Words aren't always positive. Negative words can act as Power Words too.

Click here for examples of Power Words.

4. What about numbers in my Title Tag?

Including a number in your Title Tag has been proven to improve CTR

Numbers just kind of pop out at you. "5 Signs of the Apocalypse". "Students Save 25% on Car Insurance". If it makes sense to use a number in your Title Tag, don't pass up the opportunity. The user of numbers has proven to increase CTR.

5. How long should my Meta Description be?

Your SEO Meta Description should be 120 to 165 characters, and between 2 and 4 sentences.

A longer Meta Description is better than a short one, but be careful not to make it too long. It should be displayed within a maximum of 970 pixels for desktop, or 981 pixels for mobile.

When people search they are presented with a lot of information. They natually skim the results presented to them, rather than reading each one thoroughly. It makes more sense to use several short, concise sentences from which a searcher can quickly determine that your link is the one he or she wants to click.